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Gone are the days when dress shoes, like other shoe styles, were only available in a selective number of neutral colors. The idea was that neutral colors could be matched with a women's entire wardrobe. With the latest technology employed by the shoe manufacturing industry, dress christian louboutin new are now available in a wide range of colors. Some of these colors include dynamic hues like gold, copper, tan, silver, white, pink, green and many more. In addition to the color variations a woman can choose a shoe in various styles like pumps, sandals, sling backs, ballet flats, mules, loafers, etc.

When buying shoes you will have to consider factors like activity, style, pattern, color, etc. You will want to get the shoe that is most suitable for the occasion and best matches the clothing that will be worn with the ankle shoes. One of the most important factors that most women ignore when buying such boots is that of any foot problems they may have. This may include any injury or discomfort gained while wearing christian louboutin sandals. Or they may have corns, bunions, be flat-footed, there are many foot issues that must be looked at to get a comfortable fitting boot. If you are interested in buying christian louboutin sale shoes, you should make sure to communicate any foot problems to the sales persons. If you do this, they can help you find a style in ankle shoes that offers a comfortable fit.

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Christian Louboutin Tassel Black Slingback

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No one wants to wear last year's fashion style. There is always the excitement to get yourself a new pair of sexy pumps to go clubbing with. Women are not going to stay indoors all the time. They are going to find ways to have some fun be it during the weekends or after working hours. So for those who really love to buy christian louboutin slingback shoes, now is a really great time to buy some cheap high heel shoes. That happens to be one of the ways where women are able to stretch their dollar and still own several pairs of lovely shoes.

Choose a few pairs of comfortable and fashionable sexy stilettos to put on. No matter what type of going out dresses, jeans or skirts that you have in mind, there is bound to be several pairs of shoes to go well with them.If you plan on going clubbing with friends, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing clubbing shoes to go with your clubwear. Since different shoes are meant for different occasions, you can just grab a pair of party heels if you plan on attending some summer parties by friends. And don't forget that you can still look good in them for those formal occasions or evening dinners.

So ladies, have a great time shopping for christian louboutin mary this summer. You are going to look and feel great wearing them to whatever event or occasion that you have lined up this summer. Happy shopping!

A stunning, intoxicating, magical masterpiece

There is simply no denying that Miyazaki is the Godfather of Japanese Animation, time and time again delivering unto the public works of such incredible beauty, such stunning visual and sensory delights, such mastery of storytelling, that one can only be left speechless. Overwhelmed. Intoxicated with wonder. Such is the magic of Spirited Away.

Much like Miyazaki's previous feature Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away is an epic fairytale fantasy that deserves no better medium than the stunning animation work of Studio Ghibli. This multiple award-winning masterpiece has grown to become the largest grossing film in Japanese history, and rightly so. From the moment our child heroine Chihiro enters the bath houses we are literally bombarded with an overwhelming sense of detail and rich, lavish colours rarely - if ever - seen in western animation. Scenes such as Chihiro running through the field of flowers, the marvellous landscapes seen from the train, Haku and Chihiro soaring the skies above, and Chihiro running across the pipe to climb the walls of the bath house are nothing short of breathtaking, and undoubtably some of the most lavish animation ever to hit the screen.

The world of Spirited Away is simply bustling with life; unique, quirky, instantly lovable creatures jostling about their daily activities and tasks in the bath houses, dancing across the screen like leaves caught in a playful summer breeze. The inventiveness of Miyazaki's character designs, much like in Mononoke, is wonderful to behold, in fact not since classic tales like Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland and The Neverending Story have we been able to fall hopelessly in love with such original, quirky, magical, even fantastical characters. The viewer is plunged headfirst into another world for nearly two hours and one cannot help but be completely and utterly captivated.

The music and original score is stunningly beautiful, the original Japanese language track of such high quality that one wonders why someone could insult the work by producing a dub track at all. With a plot differing in its complexity on so many levels, from the basic storyline, to the omnipresent universal themes, to the riddling of Japanese history and fable throughout, children and adults alike will be mesmerised from start to end. A magical, awe-inspiring, tearful, laughter-filled, heartfelt journey through a land of sweeping fantasy and dreams.

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Tory Burch Stvd Sandals Red

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Among several fashionable, beautiful shoes, tory burch shoe acquire an exceptionally high position in the list with favourite footwear of women. It is important to please note that both equally these manufacturers are every fit for women and therefore are produced intended for various occasions in the process. Thus in order to increase the worthiness of your current outfit and when you desperately want to increase your seems to be then the best collection connected with Women Gucci footwear and Christian Louboutin boots and shoes can bet known as the most suitable option for an individual.

Unlike alternative online suppliers where you want to watch your charge card, tory burch shoe is the type of online store that may assure everyone full health and safety and threat free browsing. The privacy and security in the customers are in the highest worry for tory burch sandals sale. Thus you can expect greatest products in best costs. Shop right now and utilize the best expertise now!

If you take some time to accomplish your investigation online, after that you' ll discover several sites that offer tory burch shoe. You' ll must look diligently to guarantee they' re real, but if you ever understand your traits to look out for, you can actually you should definitely get a new pair of high-quality shoes with a small percentage from the cost. tory burch shoe are popular with women.

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Tory Burch Elisabeth PU Tote Red

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These bound and summer harden, you mightiness comment the function of tonal colors and horseshoes that are brightness and goody, comparable these Tory Burch milling machine lash compressed fatigue switches Khaki. Swell it lives for to collapse our infantries just about coolness against the heat that the season brings. Khaki colored thong tory burch flats. Big signature logo on upper. Breezy, cleanly styled thong features a bold logo cutout on the instep. Gold toned stud detailing on straps. Leather high, innersole. Gumshoe solitary. Them would make up a dandy manner to clothes upwardly and complete a dainty outfit for the spring and summer.

Apart from the true securities industry or so United States of America, the net packagings are calm down flourishing circa U.S. government equally you're surfing the Internet anytime, you wish emphatically chanced that there are so many Tory Burch Flats On Sale. Corlorful shoes including Tory Burch Flats, tory burch handbags on sale, Tory Burch Boots as well as Tory Burch peep toe pumps will regaled your eyes. I believe all of the flats will attract your eyes firstly.

We must respect for nature!


White and Yellow Tea - Steps on How to Make Them

For so long now, White and Yellow Tea or flower teas have been a part of the tea culture for so many generations already. Probably the most popular of all is the traditional Chinese teas which have often been made from a combination of black, green, oolong and white teas with roses, chrysanthemums and jasmine, among others. You can prepare floral teas and herbal teas with just the same method. But with some patience and a little recycled stuff in your house, you can easily make your very own handmade flower tea.
We all know that flowers really make a good decoration to your home but that's not the only purpose they have. Some flowers can be made to be herbal teas, whether you can use them alone or together combine them with other flowers or mixed with a tea like black or green tea. If you think this is hard to do, well then you're wrong. Handmade flower tea is very easy.
Here are the steps on how make flower tea:
? In picking for flowers, cut flowers that are pesticide free with a stem of 3 and 12 inches. Use scissors or pruning shears for cutting.
? Tie the flowers together tightly at the base of their stems with string. Leave about a foot of string loose at the base for hanging purposes.
? Hang the flowers upside down from a hook, nail or screw, and allow them to dry. The amount of time required will depend on the size and type of flowers. Petals are ready for mixing with tea or other herbs when they are completely dried out and crumbly.
? Break off the flowers from the stems and place them in a bowl. You may want to break up larger flowers. You can leave smaller flowers intact.
? Add between 20 and 30 percent of dried flowers to dried tea leaves (black, oolong, green). The type of tea leaves is a matter of personal taste. Adjust the percentage of flowers to taste.
Even though there are some flowers that you can't make as a tea but you can go for the popular choices there is such as the rose, hibiscus, chamomile, jasmine and chrysanthemum. The best choice of material in making your very own handmade flower tea is the dried flowers and you can find many of these at vast assortment at the nearest local health food store.

Green Tea is Hollywood's Favorite for losing weigh

Weight loss is a big deal to a good many people in the world and that is not more evident than to the people in Hollywood. There is no secret that people in Hollywood worry about being thin and some of the them will go to extreme measures to make sure that they stay that way.
Of course there is always something new coming down the pike for this type of thing and that is evident with the green tea weight loss theory. This has become one of the most popular weight loss solutions in Hollywood and the other parts of the world. This is due in part to the supposed medicinal properties that green tea holds and the many benefits of drinking it. There is a lot of research that supports this theory but just like everything else there is a lot that looks to shoot it down.
Green tea weight loss depends on the persons desire to drink green tea. The research shows that green tea weight loss works by the lowering or maintaining of blood sugar during the meal times. This means that the body is not creating the products that create fat as readily as it normally would when the green tea is being ingested. Of course this all means very little if you do not have a healthy diet to start with. You should take this to heart when trying this green tea weight loss plan as it works only with the proper food intake and that means a big life style change for many of the people involved.
Green tea weight loss is catching on all over the world and mostly because of the popularity of the product itself. Many people are turning to green tea because it offers a much better and less bitter taste than its siblings. It is also said to be great for a whole host of ailments that come down and that is all not quite proven as of yet. The green tea is said to help ease the stomach problems that a lot of people have and that means that it is flying off the shelves every where you turn.
Green tea weight loss depends on a good many things and you should ask your doctor before undertaking such a plan. There are a good many reasons to drink this substance but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Extremely good drama

All About Ah-Long is a well crafted drama, it alternates funny moments to very sad ones. The acting is gorgeous, both Chow Yun Fat and Sylvia Chang are outstanding, one of the best couple of lovers I've ever seen. The little Porky were also good, a pity that he doesn't found a bright future in cinematography. Johnny To is (once again) very skillful in not exceeding in both side of the charming story between the lovers, no cheesy moments nor too unbelievable plot twists. The ending is simply outstanding and one of the most dramatic I've ever seen. That's a great example of what are Hong Kong dramas and a very good effort from one of the most prolific HK directors ever. See it!

"All About Ah-long" shows a poor man and his little boy living day by day, a lower working class life. The relationship between father and son is warm but who is looking out for who? A big chance for the boy comes and changes everything. Ah-long tries to do what is right for his little boy and finds out it is not easy to find the right solution to life's dilemmas.

This is a fine film and Chow Yun-Fat is perfect as the ne'r do well who becomes a man for his son. Highly recommended. 


Timberland Men's 6 Inch Work Boots 002

Timberland Men's 6 Inch Work Boots 002

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Currently, there are many companies in China camp, including timberland mens boots , famous footwear manufacturers in the UK Timberland, Danish footwear manufacturers EC Juan COSkoA / S and American Apparel Nautica Enterprises Inc. Harrison said, Timberland Classic Shoes are only now entering the Chinese, because conditions are ripe, and the timing is good. "well-educated, middle-class love the outdoors is generating. " He said, Timberland Classic Shoes Company will maintain the high road, even in known as "shoe producing big country "

Report pointed out that many European and American outdoor sports were big push into the Chinese market, including Timberland Mens shoes brand.
In this regard, Swartz said the Timberland key points to attract Chinese consumers in its investment in environmental protection and attention, Timberland
Mens shoes of carbon, including its advocacy goals and commitment to public utility services. "Timberland Mens shoes credibility of environmental
protection in China to be much higher than some other place where we spent a long time. "Jeffrey Swartz said.

Timberland Men's Custom Waterproof Boots and walk the way of washing

Timberland Men's Custom Waterproof Boots 01

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Recently, media reports, the famous outdoor brand Timberland CEO Jeffrey Swartz said, with the rapid development of China's outdoor market, the
company is currently number of stores in China has reached 110, is expected in stores in China within the next three years will Achieve doubled.
"Timberland Classic shoes are successful, excellent. people do not go outside is to go hiking, or a lot of that on the weekend to walk in the park or a picnic.
"This is Jeffrey Swartz in the eyes of the Chinese outdoor market. Timberland Classic shoes will also be selling in China.

China will not price competition. According to information, Timberland boots iconic yellow price is 150 U.S. dollars, the price will be higher than in China, 57%, to $ 236.

He said local businesses would not pose a threat to low-cost strategy, because they did not like the timberland custom boots sale commitment to quality. He said that consumers wear Timberland boots, walking 500 miles in the water without wet feet.

Perhaps Carrey's best movie

Following the kidnapping of ‘Miami Dolphins' mascot `Snowflake' Melissa (Courteney Cox) hires Ace Ventura (Jim Carrey) to track the dolphin down before Superbowl Sunday.

The Nineties were generally good for Jim Carrey and ‘Ace Ventura: Pet Detective' is a shining example of sheer Carrey hilarity! Jim Carrey plays his character with his typical, undoubtedly unrivalled, madcap charisma that has now become so famous throughout the world, yet this movie probably remains the greatest example of just how outlandish a Carrey movie can be. The plot is so thin that it becomes obvious that the story was made to suit Carrey's style rather than vice versa and surprisingly succeeds well. Carrey's extremely arrogant and oddball ‘Ace Ventura' character is unexpectedly likeable and continuously places the viewer in a fit of hysterics with the increasingly wacky scenarios he finds himself in. Carrey's off the wall antics are what made this film and direct attention away well from the flaws that the movie has.

It is safe to say that Carrey was the star and provided all the highlights of this movie and while Sean Young (playing Lt. Lois Einhorn) and Courteney Cox in some ways aided the movie they simply came off as bit-part characters rather than stars as Carrey stole the entire show. Capable direction from Tom Shadyac is a further high spot in this movie and recognition should also be given to Jack Bernstein who co-wrote an astoundingly funny script with Jim Carrey.

‘Ace Ventura: Pet Detective' is certainly one of the finest comedies Jim Carrey has offered the world so far and despite missing the more heart-warming moments that later films such as ‘Liar Liar' (1997) offered, is a good movie in it's own right. However, as humour is viewer dependant it would be unfair of me to say I recommend this movie to everyone. Those people who dislike many of the Jim Carrey movies will probably not enjoy this one and I can understand why some would condemn this movie as being puerile nonsense. Many of the jokes do border on bad taste and much of the movie has an atmosphere of schoolyard humour to it. I am aware that some people will not find Carrey's zany antics and silly noises funny at all. That being said I personally do enjoy this movie and feel that fans of Jim Carrey and many other people will find this entertaining fun. To sum up – I feel this is an enjoyable movie for teenagers, young adults and probably for the more open-minded older audience despite being somewhat childish and risqué. Not for everyone though. My rating for ‘Ace Ventura: Pet Detective' – 7/10.


The Future of UGG Bailey Button Boots

UGG Bailey Button Boots 5803 Black Sale

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Australian footwear that makes you look like you have children on the ankles and is - inexplicably - a favorite with celebrities style contrary, is officially a health risk.
The fashion trend that refuses to die despite the death knell of this sounds like long ago as 2006, may finally seen off by reports of podiatrists and pharmacists that sheepskin-lined, ankle structure, causes a sprain ankles and fungal infections raging.
Hasan Ukra Boots States as moisture from the atmosphere "that led to cultivate UGG Bailey Button Boots athlete's foot, while podiatrist Linda Hawkins argues that the shoes worn without heel or sole support of causes pegs turn more easily. While fans have the Ugg brand walk: a flare-up redesign that combined with the virtual cup of coffee to take anywhere, doing well resemble a tramp looking for a document. Even the brilliant company of Sienna Miller and Cameron Diaz can not take them with a conviction.

The fashion of UGG BOOTS in 2011

Beginning last year, was criticized by many professionals as the worst fashion trend of "UGG crazy" in China, popular for a time the streets were snow boots. Many people think that it will soon disappear, to this winter, this trend did not decline.China's fashion girls dress was not all seem to need to keep warm, they often wear law is wearing thin layer of silk stockings, and then wrapped with thick snow boots. Apply network buzzwords: "They are wear for warm , but the trend."

Acccording to statistics, it is not difficult to find the most snow-selling ugg classic tall boots, a boot collection. But why? Women love shopping, which seems to be their "natural." They will get more happiness and satisfaction shopping. But if you start in the snow classic, and not in your interest to select the most favorite local shops, why not buy online. There are many styles, colors and your best choice, online stores of various sizes. In addition, online shopping will cost you less. Snow boots classic wooden bead and heat of a high style, with exposed sheepskin, high shaft, the classic leather belt. Cheap boots seem to be quite intelligent and luxurious. You can equip them with any Spring. Can also be matched with the long axis of casual wear like jeans. Its recommendations, to tie in the back of your leg beads. An elegant and stylish look and feel good. Snow boots for your feet high offer great comfort. Wool lining protect the feet from cold and wet elements. Also in the actual temperature to ensure the feet in a normal climate is hot when the outside world. Over the years, there is a gray color series of pink, chocolate, snow boots classic tall, classic tall chestnut as snow, red, black and so on. All possible with a variety of clothes and make you stylish. Do not hesitate to try one. 

Fluffy, if a bit empty, but delicious breakfast

Breakfast at Tiffany's is a mostly charming film which serves as a wonderful showcase for the great Audrey Hepburn. In her portrayal of Holly Golightly Hepburn created one of the most iconic characters in film history. This is a memorable film and it's Hepburn who makes it so. She is at the center of everything that goes on in the film and you can't help but be charmed by Holly Golightly. The movie has its flaws, most notably one incredibly unfortunate casting decision, but all these years later it is rightly remembered fondly by most who have had the pleasure of seeing it.

Holly Golightly makes her living as an escort, but it's not as unseemly as it might seem. What she really is more than anything else is an extroverted Manhattan socialite around whom all kinds of craziness swirls. That craziness is best typified in a famous party scene in Holly's apartment. There are so many people crammed into Holly's little apartment, there's so much going on that you don't even know where to look. But inevitably the eye is drawn back to Holly herself. The character has such style and charisma, as of course does the actress playing her. Everyone remembers the famous black dress but the beauty and elegance of Audrey Hepburn shine through no matter what Holly Golightly's wearing. Heck, she could wear a sheet and make it seem elegant. In fact she does. And that sums up Holly Golightly rather nicely. Beautiful, charming, engaging...and more than a touch eccentric.

It's Audrey's movie through and through and she is never anything less than wonderful in her performance. Playing opposite her in the key male role is George Peppard and he at times comes across as being a little wooden, maybe somewhat dull. But perhaps his character is just suffering in comparison to Holly Golightly who is many things, dull certainly not one of them. Buddy Ebsen has a small role but an important one as it is his character who provides some insight into who Holly really is, or at least who she used to be. We come to learn that Holly has pretty much reinvented herself and there are some wistful moments as we see why she may have felt the need to do so. There will be some roadblocks thrown up in the way of Holly's seemingly blissful existence and as she confronts these obstacles there are times where you know she's doing the wrong thing. But you love her anyway and just hold out hope she'll get it right in the end. That's the irresistible charm of Audrey Hepburn working its magic.

It must be said that for all its charm the film does have one serious black mark against it. Mickey Rooney's portrayal of Holly's bucktoothed, slant-eyed stereotyped Japanese neighbor Mr. Yunioshi is absolutely appalling. It's the type of thing you'd expect from a film made in the 1920s. By 1961 you would have hoped people would have known better. Apparently not. Every time this character appears on the screen you can't help but cringe. The character takes you out of the movie watching experience entirely. You don't see him as a character named Mr. Yunioshi, all you see is Mickey Rooney in hideous yellowface makeup. Awful. And for a character meant to serve as comic relief, even had an Asian actor been cast there is no way around the fact that the character is just not funny at all. It's the one major flaw in a film which, while maybe not an all-time classic, is certainly charming and enjoyable throughout. And as a showcase for the talents and elegance of Audrey Hepburn it could not work any better.


UGG Classic Argyle Knit Makes a Wonderful Gift for All Women

Black Cream Uggs Stripe Cable Knit

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UGG Classic Argyle Knit  traditional short boots also named as short Uggs, which only achieve the ankle. As reform of Ugg boots tall, short UGG prefect the beautiful and confidential collection of Ugg traditional styles. Regard since the boots for short women, Ugg boots prefect show the one of a kind feminine styles. not merely are these sensible but they are relaxing ugg boots clearance saleand warm. The boots are produced from double cope with sheepskin product also it is this which might help them to retain your ft warm, even for individuals who choose to suit on them without any any socks on. As with any boots using the Ugg choice they could possibly be put on with any sort of outfit from jeans to skirts to dresses. even although they don't come about within a broad choice of colours they even now make an awesome inclusion for the wardrobe.
Continues collection of short Ugg, this UGG Tassel short is under knee, and just arrival ankle. This ugg boots is much better to suit on outside the pants, to select chestnut could possibly be considered a proper choice for just about every one. Firstly, since the moustache using the shoes make you glance additional modern. Ugg boots are enough to cozy your feet, which very numerous people think it now. The frizzy hair layout upper to retain your knee cozy that you simply don't should be worried concerning the snow or wind into your feet, this frizzy hair layout just like a pant can retain your cozy all morning long. This spike will allow it to be modern using the appears as well as include the beautiful and tendency element into your boot, to make certain that only a straightforward attire with this Ugg boot may properly make you one of a kind from so very numerous womens.
Easy to produce up your do it yourself with one of a kind sorts of Ugg boots. With UGG Boots profit for Halloween, it is celebration time in your circumstance to confidential one of a kind sorts of Ugg boots to make certain that make your stylish and concentrate complete morning long. Don't be worried about repeat an image, one of a kind sorts of Ugg boots can happy you.

You don't even have to like cars....

Yes, this show is about cars, but then again it isn't. Mostly it's about extremes of opinion, dreams and fantasies, dares, one-up-man-ship, and taking everything just a little bit further. And it's also entertaining - very entertaining, which is what television is meant to be, and so often is not. I'm not all that interested in cars, and my son doesn't even drive, but we both love the show, and watch it religiously.

The balance of presenters: Jeremy, the loud-mouthed, cuttingly funny, over-bearing older guy; Richard, the young, cute, quirky, adolescent one; James, the sensitive, quiet, contemplative, intelligent one; is nothing short of genius!

It seems that no expense is spared, either on the experiments and dares, or on filming, and this adds to the visual experience. This show is funny, even hilarious at times, classy, controversial, and hugely entertaining. Most people I know who watch this show know almost less than nothing about cars, and I think that says a lot about how successfully this program reaches beyond the expected demographic of young male petrol-heads.
I don't care what anyone says - the British are the funniest of all. Jeremy, Richard and James are all so different - but this is what makes this show REALLY work. I have fallen off the couch so many times laughing that it is becoming a hazard!

The show is entertaining, informative and hilarious - I would say the only drawback is after watching it you have to go and get in your own car and imagine what Jeremy would say about it. (I can assure you - his comments would not be good about mine!!)

It also doesn't hurt that James May is the most delicious thing on two legs - I just love this British gentleman - he is what men ought to be!

This one definitely goes all the way to 11!

How to choose the high quality UGG Classic Tall

Pink uggs classic romantic flowers tall

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Still pondering about what to suit on in Halloween? even now desire to concentrate away from others? even now observed the styles of shoes to produce up your stylish clothes? So very numerous stylish boots using the marketplace that people can hardly come about throughout a just one undoubtedly suit them. since the style information using the world, Australia UGG Classic Tall with numerous styles make one of a kind selections for you.
-Ugg Bailey button
As the lastest intro using the world, Ugg Bailey key could possibly be considered a stylish boot that should have in Ugg fans. Ugg Bailey key will possibly be the goes on collection of Ugg boots tall, which defend knee from chilly weather, with sheepskin within of boots, it is worth in your circumstance to confidential one. The Bailey key Ugg Boots function a comfy insole with genuine sheepskin and have versatile outsole developed for comfort with just about every step.One wooden buttons etched using the signature UGG logo allow this boot to acquire just one of most warm profit styles.
- UGG traditional Cardy
This choice of boots was released earlier using the twelve weeks with this twelve weeks and just like these Ugg boots possess confirmed standard as properly. Just such as the Timeless Crochet choice these sorts of boots come about in numerous colours which consists of Dirty Rose and Indigo jointly with dark and Grey Breakfast cereals. What helps make these sorts of boots so excellent from other shoes using the Ugg choice will possibly be the three huge wooden buttons that enable you to definitely superb some one of a kind appears to acquire and styles along.
- Ugg traditional short Boots

Timberland Men's Chukka Shoes 009

Timberland Men's Chukka Shoes 009

Quantity:  99
Regular Price: $175.99
Special Price:$70.79

Timberland Chukka Boots must have a high shock absorption rate, can effectively absorb the generated walking fanzhen rate, to avoid the shock force transmitted to the ankle, knee and waist and other joints, to reduce the harm caused by force Fanzhen.

According to my friends, I am not a true X-phile (don't ask why). Oh well.

The X-Files ranks as one of the most intelligent and brilliant shows on television. It is a cinematic show, using techniques that are more associated with movies than the tv show (like the long unedited sequence in Triangle). Admittedly it was once a better show than it is now, but most episodes are minor masterpieces. But when it peaks, like with "Redux", "Triangle", and "One Son", it peaks like no other show has before.

It is completely unclassifiable. It is a mystery, a sci-fi, and sometimes self parody, and the show has several markedly sexual overtones (the cigarette smoking man). The sexual tension is what probably has attracted the most people. The byplay between Mulder and Scully is cool and reserved, yet you wonder exactly what there really thinking.

It pays homage to old shows, and movies as well ("Duel in the Sun", "Rope"). This show doesn't always give you what you want.

Though it has gotten more Hollywood-ish, it's a testament to the creators and writers that they haven't put Scully and Mulder together (will they or won't they? Probably. It is Hollywood, after all).

This show is a thinking person's show. Sometimes it does get slow, but it always remains interesting.

One of the best shows on television, 9

According to my friends, I am not a true X-phile (don't ask why). Oh well.

The X-Files ranks as one of the most intelligent and brilliant shows on television. It is a cinematic show, using techniques that are more associated with movies than the tv show (like the long unedited sequence in Triangle). Admittedly it was once a better show than it is now, but most episodes are minor masterpieces. But when it peaks, like with "Redux", "Triangle", and "One Son", it peaks like no other show has before.

It is completely unclassifiable. It is a mystery, a sci-fi, and sometimes self parody, and the show has several markedly sexual overtones (the cigarette smoking man). The sexual tension is what probably has attracted the most people. The byplay between Mulder and Scully is cool and reserved, yet you wonder exactly what there really thinking.

It pays homage to old shows, and movies as well ("Duel in the Sun", "Rope"). This show doesn't always give you what you want.

Though it has gotten more Hollywood-ish, it's a testament to the creators and writers that they haven't put Scully and Mulder together (will they or won't they? Probably. It is Hollywood, after all).

This show is a thinking person's show. Sometimes it does get slow, but it always remains interesting.

Timberland Men's Chukka Shoes 001

Timberland Men's Chukka Shoes 001

Quantity:  99
Regular Price: $175.99
Special Price:$70.79

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There's just something about "Lolita"

"Lolita" from Stanley Kubrick is an exquisite portrayal of the debauchery inhabiting the bourgeoisie's bored hearts, in their quest of a flame that would give a meaning to their insipid lives mostly made of conventions and futile manners. The protagonist of the film is not a man to embarrass himself with futility, his quite unusual name, Humbert Humbert, indicates a heart more inclined to originality, to live a devouring passion rather than succumbing to the easy choice of being a good member of a rather despised community. "Lolita" is less about sex than a rebellious attitude incarnated by a forbidden passion, a passion that would make the straightest man adopt the most romantic attitude, just to conquer a lovely, beautiful, sensual but forbidden fruit … named Lolita …

A man said once that "we have the age of people who love us", this sentence, debatable or accurate, sounds like an excuse for Humbert, the serious and straight faced James Mason, to fall in love with the beautiful blonde fourteen-year old pearl, Dolores aka Lolita. Age is not a matter if she does have a fondness for him. But we all know this is wrong. I haven't personally read the novel from Nabokov, and in a way, it didn't interfere with my appreciation of the film, or influence it negatively, so I'm only judging the movie. And from the movie, all I can say is that Kubrick once again, proved again his directing talent by casting the delicious Sue Lyon for the titular role. She indeed looks young enough to make James Mason, in his early fifties then, look like an "old man", but sexy enough to create a masculine empathy towards Humbert. In the memorable garden scene, where Humbert and Lolita's eyes meet after she take off her sunglasses, I'm sure every man would have fallen in love with this dolly face, full of mystery and guilty temptations, incarnated by this soft and almost erotic "Lolita Ya-Ya" theme.

I mentioned masculine empathy, but this is would be ignoring another central character. Shelley Winters, portrays with a sympathetic poignancy Charlotte, the poor mother who felt for Humbert like he did for her daughter. Winters, as another cinematic victim of her own kindness, lives a reverse Oedipian situation, and is even more humiliated when Humbert starts using her in a complicated scheme whose only necessity is the possession of Lolita ... because this is the very effect of love at first sight, a profound desire to possess one person, that ultimately becomes obsessional. James Mason, in a brilliant performance, embodies the contradictions of a man whose apparent seriousness as a college professor is only a veil to cover the passion flamed by Lolita. The mother fell in love with the professor, ignoring how her daughter revealed the real Humbert. Doomed already, she naturally disappears, without Humbert's intervention as if God wanted Humbert to succeed. But in his long climbing to the possession of Lolita, Humbert will have a pebble in his shoe, Clare Quilty.

Quilty, played by Peter Sellers, is the antagonist of the film, from this category of innocent looking villains with no less devastating effects on the protagonists' projects. The severity of his acts can only be measured by the punishment he directly received from Humbert himself, an implacable sentence to death. We don't know the character enough to feel sorry for him, and Mason inspires such trust (indeed, a perfect casting choice) that we believe there's something weird in this character and he played a role damaging enough to get this comeuppance. But the question that haunts us all through the film is why this insistence? Why is he constantly harassing Humbert? Well, I admit, I felt sorry for Humbert, and wondered what were Quilty's motives. Until the revelation made me realize the obvious: that there's just something about Lolita…

Lolita is like a living passion igniting men's inner perversity, she's the epitome of the innocent sexiness, the forbidden fruit that looks so juicy and delicious that even disobedience would be worse than inaction. The effects she had on Humbert are the same on Quilty, but with a significant difference, she was in love with Quilty. Humbert went from such hardship to finally get Lolita, living with a woman he was mocking, lying, using respectability to mask his pervert nature, becoming a kind of lover submitted to Lolita's every desire, painting her feet nails, that it's heart-breaking to witness his realization that all he incarnated for her is what he was trying not to be: a fatherly figure. Lolita didn't love him but respected him, when Humbert might have preferred the opposite, even if it meant being an arrogant bastard like Quilty. Humbert's tears at the end, were joined by mine, because as forbidden and sinful as it was, that was the powerful and authentic portrayal of the devastating loss of one true love, forever.

The opening credits show beautiful little feet being nailed by masculine hands. This memorable overture perfectly illustrates the obsession that can govern our hearts when we fall in love, we can become a servant to our women, an object of suspicion for good society. Humbert didn't even care for suspicion, he was already living in a bourgeois world, where everything was made of pretending (the kind of superficiality that Kubrick will denounce 37 years after in "Eyes Wide Shut") All Humbert wanted was to be loved as the man of Lolita's life, but his obsession was like a self-destructive force. Humbert's jealousy turned him into a control freak that would naturally end with a separation, and a descent into madness.

It's a happy end for Lolita, who was more a victim of her nature that the passing of years will correct anyway, but for Humbert, it was just the flame that burnt his heart, corrupted his mind, and ravaged his soul, forever …

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Kubrick and the cast rise above censorship to make "Lolita" powerful

Pedophilia doesn't seem the likely subject of a film made in the early '60s, but there's almost a power in the censorship of "Lolita." Undoubtedly, the finished product did not represent the initial vision of neither director Stanley Kubrick nor Vladimir Nabokov, who penned the adaptation of his own novel, but the result is a film no less challenging.

The fact that "Lolita" had to rely on implied sexuality because anything that so much as visually suggested illegal sexual relations could not be filmed, actually makes the film stronger in ways. It puts a lot more weight on the shoulders of James Mason as Humbert Humbert, the professor inappropriately smitten with his landlady's daughter, to convey his lust without conveying his lust, but it also refocuses the story to the psychological profiles of both Humbert and Lolita (Sue Lyon) rather than what they did or didn't do.

Dolores "Lolita" Haze is the driving force both at times overtly and implicitly throughout the entire story. She lives with her widowed mother Charlotte (Shelley Winters) in the small town of Ramsdale, New Hampshire, where Humbert Humbert intends to spend the summer writing before he begins work as a professor. Looking for a place to rent, he finds the Hazes and agrees to stay after he sees Lolita, who's just 15 but completely physically mature. He's infatuated with the girl instantly and deals with her mother's sexual advances just to stay near her. Upset and implicitly jealous of Lolita, Mrs. Haze sends her away to summer camp. Faced with the possibility of never seeing Lolita again, Humbert marries Mrs. Haze.

Lolita seems like an average gum-chewing teenager, but she understands the power she has as an attractive young woman. Even before we first see her, Kubrick's camera-work is restless and frenetic as Charlotte tries to sell Humbert on staying at their home. When they both finally go out back where it happens that Lolita is out sunning in a bikini, the camera stays still on her (no ogling, of course) and everything changes.

Humbert's inappropriate motivations regarding Lolita are the most obvious, but even Mrs. Haze lets Lolita get to her. Much like Snow White and the Evil Queen, Charlotte is driven by jealousy because Lolita has her whole life ahead of her and she's young and beautiful, whereas Charlotte feels desperate and unloved in these seven years after her husband's death.

Then there's Clare Quilty (Peter Sellers). The film opens with Humbert shooting him to death, with regards to Lolita, and goes back four years earlier to tell the story from the beginning. Quilty appears throughout the story and the implied romantic link between he and Lolita grows stronger as the film goes on, although he remains on the periphery. Not too much, however, because Kubrick devotes a lot of attention to Sellers' performance. He's brilliant (and clearly the inspiration for Kubrick's "Dr. Strangelove," which would reunited the two a few years later), but his comedy does at times drastically change the tone of the film to humor and detract from the central characters' story.

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Lavish, engrossing, picaresque

In some way almost all of Stanley Kubrick's movies are very gloomy, dreary and wicked. The idea of "Lolita" is definitely perverted, "The Shining" is maybe the most terrifying film ever made, "Full Metal Jacket" is still one of the most pressuring war movies, from time to time "Eyes Wide Shut" looks almost like a horror film and even "2001: A Space odyssey" has some pretty frightening visions.

"Barry Lyndon" was Kubrick's next film after his darkest masterpiece "A Clockwork Orange" and certainly a totally different kind of a work. Even though "Barry Lyndon's" second half is slightly darker and the movie certainly isn't a comedy of any kind it's still quite a nice, warm and genial picaresque story. It's hard to say is it a bit overlong because it's easier to watch in two parts but nevertheless it's a brilliant film from the very start. "Barry Lyndon" is full of unforgettable sequences. My favorite is probably the duel between Barry Lyndon and his stepson Lord Bullington.

One of the things I love most about this movie is the splendid epilogue. Closing words of "Barry Lyndon" brings hilariously together every event seen in the film. Ryan O'Neal makes a fabulous performance as Barry. He isn't all that well-known actor in the movie business but he does a great job in the difficult leading role. I'll give 9 out of 10 to "Barry Lyndon" and point out that although it's not Kubrick's finest flick it's still a very excellent movie and an extremely important part of his works and it should not be underestimate. If you have seen lots of Kubrick classics but not this one, take this chance to jump into 18th century and watch the entertaining adventures of Redmond Barry.