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Man on Fire

You know you're in for something different when a movie has Christopher Walken playing the part of a professional hit man - and he isn't even one of the bad guys! Although it could do with some judicious trimming here and there, "Man on Fire" is a generally effective crime drama that ranges in tone from the openly sentimental to the downright brutal - and just about every tone imaginable in between.

Denzel Washington stars as Creasy, a former CIA assassin who has recently quit the business and is seeking some sort of redemption for the sins he's committed. So far, he's been looking for answers in a bottle and the Bible and not doing all that well with either. As the movie opens, Mexico City has been ravaged by a series of kidnappings aimed at the powerful and well-to-do, possibly perpetrated by the very police force assigned to keep law and order in the community. Creasy accepts the position as bodyguard to the daughter of a wealthy business owner who rightly fears for her safety. The first third of the film is devoted to the growing friendship between Creasy and his charge, Pita, a sweet little girl who, slowly but surely, works her way into Creasy's initially hardened heart and affections. The last two-thirds of the film turns into an Avenging Angel melodrama, as Creasy systematically seeks out and eliminates all those responsible for a tragedy that occurs early on in the story.

Based on the novel by A.J Quinnell, "Man on Fire," astutely written by Brian Helgeland and flashily directed by Tony Scott, is a coolly efficient action picture that never shies away from the raw brutality of its subject matter. It takes a risk in asking us to identify with a man who is, for all intents and purposes, achieving his redemption by torturing and murdering (admittedly disreputable) people. These scenes of carnage and violence are both intense and suspenseful, even if they do at times border on the exploitative. Even better are the quiet, intimate moments between Creasy and Pita in the early parts of the movie. Washington and the wonderful Dakota Fanning establish an natural, easygoing rapport that helps to set the stage for the chaos and turmoil to follow.

Washington carries the movie with his quality of stoic righteousness, making us understand his character on an emotional level even if what he is doing eludes us intellectually. In addition to the two leads, there are solid performances from Walken, Marc Anthony, Radha Mitchell, Mickey Rourke, Rachel Ticotin and Giancarlo Giannini. But it is Washington and the delightful Ms. Fanning who steal the show.

"Man on Fire" would have been better with about a half hour taken out its running time, but this is still a better-than-average crime thriller.

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The Remains of the Day

This is, in my opinion, the finest film in the Merchant Ivory canon. And to hail it as such is to grossly undersell it. It is not only that but also the best story of unrequited love in cinema history, and a masterpiece of understated emotion. It also boasts some of the finest performances ever put on film, most notably from the peerless Anthony Hopkins.

Then again, understatement is the key to this film. Writer Ruth Prawer Jhabvala and Director James Ivory adapt Kazuo Ishiguro's poignant novel with such delicacy that it gets under ones skin in a deeply profound way difficult to express in a few words.

The plot opens in the 1950's as meticulous and emotionally repressed butler Stevens (Anthony Hopkins) reviews a lifetime of service in Darlington Hall. The story flashes back to the 1930's where Stevens formed a close friendship with housekeeper Miss Kenton (Emma Thompson). This relationship grew slowly over several years and ultimately the pair developed romantic feelings for one another, although neither admitted it. Whilst all this was happening, Steven's employer Lord Darlington (Edward Fox) gradually became a misguided Nazi sympathiser in pre-war Europe. Unfortunately, loyalty to his master caused Stevens to reject the delicate advances of Miss Kenton. History took its inevitable course, and Darlington's involvement in appeasement contributed to the outbreak of World War II. Now Stevens realises he made a mistake and wants to make amends.

To describe Anthony Hopkins as brilliant is completely redundant. His turn here goes way beyond mere acting, and it was criminal he was denied the Oscar at the 1994 Academy awards. Stevens absurdly repressed personality gently takes the audience from laughter to tears in the most emotionally devastating finale I have ever seen. Hopkin's mesmerising performance is matched by a career-best turn from Emma Thompson. The supporting cast is uniformly superb, including a pre-Four Weddings Hugh Grant and Christopher Reeve in one of his last roles before the accident that paralysed him.

Needless to say, the cinematography, music, editing and art direction are immaculate. The understated beauty of the English countryside that was so important to the book translates brilliantly to film here.

This is a lovely, melancholic film, which effortlessly embraces complex themes such as misguided loyalty, dignity, pride, wasted lives, and unrequited love. It would be all too much to bear if it weren't for the film's genuine good-humoured understanding of English culture (all the more remarkable for having been initially penned by a Japanese author). In fact, humour is an important element in the film. There are many laugh-out-loud moments, which make the tragic part of the story all the more real and poignant. All in all, The Remains of the Day is a milestone film – an unforgettable tragedy of a man who pays the terrible price of denying his own feelings.

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Chinese Tea Wear can be an excellent alternative for weight loss opposed to using diet medication, like diet pills. It many cases it is safer and works just as effective. Herbal teas control hunger, boost energy levels, which helps you burn the calories off faster. They naturally burn fat by creating what is called thermogenic heat, which burns fat and converts calories to energy rather than fat. This is a powerful antioxidant and multifunctional remedy for weight loss, disease, and aging. It also contains a natural substance called epigallocatechin gallate, which is known to fight cancer. The herbal teas contain chromium and it controls and stabilizes blood sugar levels. Bladderwrack is another ingredient in diet tea and it helps balance your hormones, which in turn helps control your appetite. These are all good herbs to find in diet tea.
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The Shipping News (2001)

I thought this was an excellent movie about the triumph of the human spirit over depression and despair. Kevin Spacey plays a character who is depressed because of his terrible father and background but he somehow redeems himself in a fight with nature going back to the splendid nature of New Foundland (no idea where that is, by the way). Lasse Halmstrøm exploits the terrific ocean and mountain scenery very well. Spacey is as usually brilliant. I didn't once think about him as the serial killer of Se7en, ha ha. No, this is a movie with something so primitive as a "morale": namely that "even a broken man can heal". Anyway, if someone knows where New Foundland is, drop me a message...

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Back in the 1950s, Breitling had had a worldwide reputation for its accurate and reliable cockpit timer and outstandingBreitling watchesof great performance provided for the pilot, known as "the world's aviation industry official suppliers." However, a more ambitious dream Breitling has:it will provide a tailor-made a flying wrist calculatorfor for pilots, which is easy for operation and can be required for all air operations.Some replica watches haveused it.This is the famous Breitling Circular Slide Rule. This genius idea was originally used in the Breitling Chronomat Chronograph introduced in the year of 1942 . circular slide rule is combined with active rule and fixed rule: bi-directional rotating bezel with outer activity scale, the dial with inner edge of the fixed foot, and two slider scale figures are in the opposite direction. By rotating bezel, two slider scale corresponds to the multiplication, division, and all the speed ratio calculation method.

To make a more perfect circular slide rule, a mathematician Marcel Robert (Marcel Robert) started drawing and then re-calculus. First, he reverse the outer scale of the slider, resulting in a clockwise direction two parallel logarithmic scale, so a separate multiply and divide operations as possible, without turning bezel better case to read the complete multiplication table or conversion tables. Another important improvement is more for the pilot, added on the inner scale in aeronautics from the three most commonly used units: "statute mile", "km" and "sea", as long as a number on the outer scale and one of these signs in alignment, you can read at a glance the number of units corresponding to the value of the other two. Improved, circular slide rule this new equipment to help pilots to complete flight planning and navigation required to perform all the operations by the aviation professionals of the same ages, has become a veritable "flying circular slide rule." In 1952, Breitling improved the ring will be the first flight on the slider assembly to watch the introduction of number "806" aviation chronograph, named "Navitimer", the "navigation" (navigation) and the "timer" (timer) abbreviation, since the pilot will have a truly belongs to watch. This makes its replica watches uk be pursued by many people.While this precision chronograph performance, compact and practical, not only from pilots and flight enthusiasts sought after, even by the World Pilots Association (AOPA) recognition as an official with the association table. Functional range of circular slide rule flight renowned in the industry, but its basic principles are not complicated, is through the inner and outer circles of two scale relative rotation to simple multiplication and division, and thus derived from a number of flight useful features, such as average speed, flight distance, fuel consumption, rate of climb or descent, kilometers and nautical miles or conversion, etc., as well as the related calculation of daily life, such as simple exchange rates and so on.

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The International

I'm a fan of German director Tom Tykwer (Run Lola Run, The Princess And The Warrior, Heaven, Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer). The story seemed like a different direction for him, so this was a must see for me.

First, the only problem I had with the film is the screenplay, some contrived lines, especially in the third act, stick out. The dialogue really tries to force the theme down the viewers throat. Other than that, everything else was top notch. The way the story is set up and fleshed out was engrossing to me. I like a film that lets the viewer figure it out for themselves. It's got a classic mystery set up, where the viewer is in the shoes of the protagonist, we get to figure it out along with him as he unravels it.

Clive Owen and Naomi Watts were decent, but not really stretching there acting legs here. The cinematography and locations were beautiful, filmed in a neo-noirish blue/grey color palette with lots of wide angle shots of the characters dwarfed by the urban architecture. The shootout was very well done and more realistic and grittier than the usual action set piece.

It actually reminded me of a Michael Mann film.

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Tracy is a normal thirteen-year-old girl, dressed in bright pastels, bedroom full of soft toys and with giggly thoughts of boys. Starting school in the new term she finds everyone in awe of Evie Zamora and her friends – all of who have suddenly turned into sexy young ladies over the summer. With her goofy kid look, Evie blanks Tracy until she impresses her by stealing a purse to go shopping. As Evie gets in with Tracy's mum Mel, she also takes Evie into her own world of rebellion involving stealing, drink, disobedience, drugs and sex. Mel struggles to hold on to the small parts of her daughter that she still recognises.

At many points in our lives we all change and perhaps the first time it happens is the hardest to deal with. The stage where everyone seems to go from just being kids to suddenly being a peer group is a major one and this film, for all its extremes, does justice to the difficulties (for everyone) of the period in a story that is well written, cleverly directed and really well acted by the whole cast. The plot builds well on minor changes to Tracy and makes it totally clear where the pressure is coming from and how it affects her; in this regard the script is spot on and is totally convincing. When it goes to extremes it does show signs of stretching and almost breaking but it never does – while it is extreme it is still convincing and only two or three moments seem like they are going too far. Certainly I can't imagine many parents will be able to watch it without worrying about how they and theirs will handle the change when it comes.

While the writing is great, there does come a point where it needs to end and, while unconvincing, the film does at least draw to an end on an ambiguous ending and only the final shot of a 'isn't life hard' scream from Tracy struck a duff note and was too clumsy. As co-writer, Reed shows a real awareness of the world around her and she deserves the praise she got for that role but also her performance as Evie is praise worthy, but perhaps not to the extent that Wood's is. Wood takes us from a child to womanhood and never hits a duff note in her portrayal of a girl just trying to fit in.

She is excellent and her dynamic with Hunter is a perfect fit and also convincing; in my mind she is better than Reed because Wood had a more complex character to develop – Wood had to change her character, Reed played a character who was already there. Hunter deals with some minor clutter in her character but generally she is as good as her teenage cos-stars. Minor support roles for people like Sisto, Unger and Clarke all add to the film but really the film belongs to the lead trio. Director Hardwicke directs with style and with an eye for the clever shot – at times using fast camera motions while in one key scene just letting the camera frame the front room like it was a stage. She also uses a clever touch in tainting the film stock a washed out colour when Tracy's bubble finally bursts – we immediately go from bright colours to washed out blue and, even with the conclusion we only return to dark browns and not the highs of the main story.

Overall this is a very good film that is hard to watch if you have pre-teen kids. It has extremes in there and it won't apply to every teenager out there but to just call it unrealistic is to ignore the reality of peer pressure and the sexualisation of youth generally. The script is convincing, frightening and moving and is greatly helped by three great performances from Reed, Wood and Hunter.

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There are many health benefits to drinking Kukicha Green Tea. They include:
Contains six times more calcium than cows milk thereby helping to build bone density
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Free radicals are atoms which are formed when oxygen interacts with certain molecules. Free radicals can damage cell membranes and tissues. Antioxidants called polyphenols (Catechins) are able to reduce the effect of free radicals before they can harm the skin. Kukicha Green Tea is rich in antioxidants which protect cell tissues from the damaging effects of oxygen thus aiding in achieving healthy skin. The catechin known as epigallocatechin (EGCG) contains 25-100 times more antioxidants than Vitamins C and E.
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Protection from skin cancer.
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Smallville, is a very intriguing, genuine, original show with intelligent characters, superb acting, excellent story lines, and the ability to be the new best show to ever come out of WB...Buffy being the first.

Tom Welling shines as Clark Kent. This virtual nobody is dynamic on the screen. His raven colored hair, and big blue eyes, and exception physique make him perfect eye candy for anyone and everyone. However, his acting is stand out as well as his looks. He isn't someone that is resting on his looks to get him somewhere in Hollywood. Though, he very well could.

John Schneider is back on the small screen in a big way. Though, the show doesn't focus on him or his character, it is good to see him in this show...as well, Annette O'Toole give a great performance as Clark's mother.

Michael Rosenbaum blows up as Lex Luther. I haven't really followed his career. I really have only seen him in Urban Legend. He delivers the deception, and human evil that is Lex Luther.

I really think WB has stumbled onto something good. FINALLY!! How many garbage shows are now on, or have been cancelled from the WB. Too many...I think they really have something here...I hope to see this show go thru the roof!

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A couple of centuries back, tea originated from China and became a worldwide famous tea. The credit for the discovery of tea goes to a Chinese emperor, who while resting one day in a jungle happened to discover tea by chance. Till the middle of 19th century the East India Company had the monopoly in tea trading. The real credit for distributing the tea worldwide goes to the English.
Today China and India happen to be the leading tea producers worldwide. More than half of the tea circulated in the entire world is produced by India. On the other hand, China takes credit for being the largest tea exporter. Currently, tea is being produced in huge amounts by India, China, Japan, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and the USA and various other European countries.
Presently China is growing 4 different types of tea, namely; black tea, green tea, scented tea and oolong tea. China grows a large amount of green tea; almost more than a half of the tea grown is green tea. The most popular are the Hyson, young Hyson, Chunmee and Sowmee green teas.
Green tea is the healthiest of all teas. Sri Lanka is the third largest producer of tea in the world. Green tea is used by many daily in order to maintain weight and to keep away from many ailments. Traditionally, green tea is used in Indian and Chinese medicines as well. It is used by practitioners for many reasons like to improve health, heal wounds and as a stimulant. It is also used to maintain blood sugar and body temperature, to make better mental processes and support digestion.
They produce the black teas, known as Ceylon teas. Other varieties black teas are pekoe, orange pekoe and broken orange pekoe. East India Company introduced tea into India. Black tea is the mostly grown tea in India, grown in Darjeeling, Assam and the Nilgiri hills. Japan also has a reach heritage in tea drinking. It is said that a Buddhist monk had brought tea leaves from China to Japan; it is from there that the Japanese people learnt the art of tea brewing. The famous Japanese green teas are sencha, matcha and bancha. Taiwan produces mainly oolong tea and pouching teas, which have a fruity and flowery taste.
Countries like USA produce large quantities of ready made tea products. Ice tea is a very important beverage there. Canned tea is available which is exported in large quantities to other parts of the world. Herbal tea, a substituent for natural tea is also a popular drink, for its beneficial effects on health are being produced in large quantities in Europe, China and Japan. In short, tea second water for being the most consumed drink. Tea has something special in it with offerings of so many of its types and flavors.



Firstly, this film is hugely under-rated. For those reviewers who call this film a "waste of time" or place it in the "hall of shame", maybe they should go back to watching more obvious and simple films.

8mm focuses on "snuff" movies and follows Nicholas Cage as he ventures into the dark underworld of the pornographic industry. I'm not a great fan of Nicholas Cage (I still wonder how he ever made it as a movie star), but in 8mm felt he redeemed himself from past performances. Other actors in the film put on great performances, notably Joaquin Pheonix, and James Gandolfini (of Sopranos).

What makes the film worth watching though is the emotion, dark imagery and tense moments throughout the film. The storyline too is very well thought out although does have a few holes and untouched areas that may have helped develop the film further. There is no Hollywood ending, forced propaganda, or marketing. What you do get is graphic scenes, moderate violence, and an insight into "snuff" movies (which really is quite disturbing).

Having said that this movie is not for the faint hearted, so if you're a "puppy-dogs and ice-cream" kind of person I'd suggest watching something else. If however, you feel you will be able to stomach such a film then prepare yourself for a moving film, which will leave you feeling that little bit darker at the end.

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You adulation those admirable Pandora charms, don't you? I anticipate we all do, and there's acumen for that. They are gorgeous, for one. What's not to like, afterwards all?
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Making abiding that you accept absolute Pandora charms is easy. All you accept to do is attending for the appropriate stamps they use. There will be an ALE 585, ALE 925, or "Pandora" formed on anniversary 18-carat charm.

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Sophie Marceau


This is one of the best films I have seen in years! I am not a Gwyneth Paltrow fan, but she is excellent as Emma Woodhouse. Alan Cumming is superb as Reverand Elton, and Emma Thompson's sister, Sophie, is hysterical as Miss Bates. And check out the gorgeous Jeremy Northam as Mr. Knightley; what a gentleman! Whoever said you need sex and violence in a movie to make it good has never seen Emma. I think that is what separates it from so many others--it's classy.

If you're looking for a film that you can watch with the whole family, or looking for a romance for yourself, look no further. Emma is that movie. With a beautiful setting, wonderful costumes, and an outstanding cast (have I mentioned the gorgeous Jeremy Northam?), Emma is a perfect ten!

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Tory Burch Wedges shoes includes a name, I desire to say, "Continental something-or-other".Tory Burch Eddie Flats I saw this delicious, practically bubble-gum pink wallet on the website. it totally was just merely a tiny ridiculous. At lowest the wallet is created of leather.

Tory Burch Handbags Eddie Flats 2011 new design be released!I determined I wanted a product inside of the action! Not so a decent deal inside of a pair of shoes, but I wanted a new, enjoyable wallet.You really do get that which you pay for.i experienced been in a location to discover a pair that my good good friend wanted in her dimension quickly enough, and headed to the counter.The lady who I ordered the flats via seemed terrific sufficient as shortly as we experienced been ultimately ringing up the buy yet it seemed a whole lot much more forced than it required to be. Still uncomfortable. Tsk tsk. Also, you'd think the fact that a classy producer like Tory Burch would create a priority of keeping standard sizes of well-liked merchandise in stock. Guess not.Tory Burch Caroline Flats 2011 new period of your time choice! every and every solo element of Tory Burch Sale is lit to showcase using Tory Burch's exuberant colors. The shoes have their individual small cove with comfy couches to suit your needs personally to relax on while attempting on their signature footwear. I adore love adore the sting ray leather- the pebble leather is just lovely.

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Here we have something totally unique: an Asian ghost story! That's not unique at all, I hear you say? Well, it is if you bear in mind that "Nang Nak" comes from Thailand and hasn't got anything to do with the overrated and rather weak stream of Japanese horror movies, such as "Ringu", "Ju-On The Grudge" and "The Eye". The film is based on a perennial Thai legend that apparently everybody knows over there and finally received a reasonably well-budgeted and international-orientated film version now! The legend revolves on the happily married couple Mak (the man) and Nak (the wife) and is set in the second half of the 19th century. Mak is very reluctant to leave his pregnant wife to go and fight in the war, more particularly because she's expecting their first child. When he returns home, still recovering from the loss of his best friend in battle as well as a near-fatal chest wound, Mak finally hopes to find peace and quiet with his beloved family. But something changed here, too… Friends and neighbors keep telling that Nak died whilst giving birth and that Mak only lives together with the spirits of his wife and child. "Nang Nak" is one of those extremely rare films that successfully blend romance and genuine drama with horror! This film is as moving as it is frightening and, trust me, it's REALLY frightening at times! The story is pretty intense and heartbreaking, mostly thanks to powerful performances, yet the horror elements are definitely not ignored and multiple images are almost too grisly to process. For example: One minute, you observe the romance between two people and the next; you're watching eerie rats eating the corpse of a murdered woman! Near the end, the film becomes even more horrific, with exorcisms and burials all around, and STILL the story remains incredibly poignant. Not only the substance is amazing, mind you. "Nang Nak" might easily be the most stylish and beautifully photographed Asian film ever made! A giant amount of sequences, albeit unrelated to the basic story, are truly mesmerizing to behold and illustrate sunsets, animals, wildlife and agriculture. It's almost like watching an educational National Geographic documentary AND a great movie at the same time! Highly recommended!

Memoirs of a Geisha

This is the most unfairly maligned film of the year. Some critics took it upon themselves to be the defenders of Japanese culture (without fully researching their arguments) and, in the process, betrayed their own racism. "The film is inauthentic because the actresses do not wear matronly bouffants," one said. Riiiiiight. Matronly bouffants are a Western stereotype! But in any case, some of them do and some don't! THAT'S authenticity. I guess critics wouldn't know that writing reviews without seeing the film or walking out long before it's over (some, such as Jeff Wells, do).

Anyway, it's a fantastic film and more than deserving of multiple Academy award nominations - which it may not get thanks to the fact that so many people decided they wanted to use the film as the sacrificial lamb for a half-baked debate about international politics, rather consider that pan-Asian casting for major roles is NOTHING new (it's true of House of Flying Daggers, The Joy Luck Club and even Crouching Tiger) and that this film's production might represent international cooperation at its best.

Look out for Gong Li and Youki Kudoh in RICHLY developed supporting roles. The supporting males, while obviously not as well developed since they spend less time in the geisha quarters, still give incredible performances. Ken Watanabe was excellent, but I particularly enjoyed the performance of the actor playing Nobu. Oprah is right about the sets and costumes; they (amongst other things) make you want to savor every moment of the film. Some people have argued that the brilliant colors make it seem like some sort of Orientalist fantasy. Truth is that this would only be the case if we saw a departure from a more sedate West to a flamboyant East; instead, the film opens in a rather sedate part of Japan and then takes us to the more colorful geisha district (which introduces this fascinating paradox of great suffering in a milieu of tremendous beauty). We know from Chicago that it's simply Rob Marshall's aesthetic to make everything the height of beauty, even if it's a slum. God forbid ENTERTAINMENT CIRCLES should be presented as visually

spectacular! The film is by turns funny, moving and, yes, thrilling. Gasps in the audience for the film's third act gave way to sniffles. Ziyi Zhang really managed any language difficulties well; her face has this ripple effect when she's emoting. It's stunning to behold. If I were voting for the Oscars, I'd definitely give her a nomination at the very least. And homegirl can dance, too! Her performance and the film itself are not boring at all; audience members laughed when she was trying to be funny and sighed when she was suffering. IMO, too much happens in the film for it to get boring; there's a strong balance between the rivalries, the details about geisha entertainment and the romance. In the final scene, it all comes full circle. I won't tell you how. See for yourself.


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